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 'Media Firestorm' Is Designed To Help You To Get Featured On The Best Podcasts Each Week So You Can Become The #1 Authority In Your Niche Through Our Verified Top 1% Distribution Channels.

We will help you turn up traffic by plugging you into our top 1% distribution channels, optimize your systems to capitalize on that traffic & dial in every department necessary to grow. This is a 90 day process where our team will help you install a proven system to turn up traffic, and convert that traffic into leads & customers.

What Is 'Media Firestorm'?

Media Firestorm is our signature 90 day program. 

In this process, we'll focus on how we can help you to get consistently featured on high quality podcasts each week & help you create a game plan to become the #1 authority in your niche over the next 12 months. 

We'll help you build & optimize a game plan to give you exposure for maximum fame, authority & most importantly, leads.

In Media Firestorm, you get exclusive access to our team, all our products, systems & processes, as well as backend access to our community of over 50,000 podcasters & guests so we can help you accomplish your goals. 

In Media Firestorm we promise 3 main things:

  • Traffic Firestorm — We'll get you featured on 2+ high-quality podcasts per week. Helping you to increase your visibility, authority and drive qualified leads into your funnels. 
  • ​Optimize Your Acquisition Systems — Unlike most podcast agencies, our core focus is business growth. We're focused on driving lead generation, optimizing your lead nurture & improving conversions. We'll look at all your systems and help you get the best fit for your offer, and avatar. 
  • Increase Lifetime Value —  The fastest way to double or triple your business, is to increase your customer lifetime value. Out of the gate, we'll look for any opportunities to increase what your customers are worth without adding complexity into the way you deliver your product or service.

So... Who Is This For?

✅ Business owners who are tired of underperforming & expensive paid ads.

✅ Business owners who just need more leads.

Business owners who understand that to become the #1 authority & to attract a lot of leads, you need to focus on expanding/promoting/featuring/marketing your brand (so that prospects trust you)

✅ Business owners who understand the most valuable leads come from podcasts. 

✅ Business owners who understand that getting featured as a guest is the best opportunity right now for PR, brand building & business growth.

✅ Business owners who know that getting more famous in your market, is an asset.

⚠️ Business owners who are coachable & implement fast.

What’s Included In The
Media Firestorm Program

The Process:

Over the course of 90 days we'll work through these 3 phases. Helping you to create a system for increasing your authority turning up traffic & converting customers.

1️⃣ Phase #1: Clarity — We'll go deep into your existing business systems & create a custom 12 month game plan on how to explode your brand with a podcast media firestorm.

We'll focus on turning up traffic, optimizing your systems for the best customer conversions & look for opportunities to increase lifetime value.   

This process is usually complete in your first week. 

2️⃣ Phase #2: Acquisition Systems — We'll immediately plug you into our top 1% distribution network & get you featured on podcasts. While supporting you with tweaking, testing & optimizing your lead generation, nurture & conversion systems. 

We'll focus on stress-testing the system, and getting the best results before turning up the traffic to create a full blown 'Media Firestorm'.
3️⃣ Phase #3: Execute & Scale — Once your systems are optimized, we'll turn up your exposure & help you dominate in your industry. We'll give you a tailored & customized game plan based on how fast you want to grow.

This phase is usually the work we focus on with clients from 90 days to 12 months if they wish to continue working together.

Some of the optional scale strategies we can implement include:

  • ​A-La-Carte Access To In-Person Podcasts — in person shows, larger audiences & bigger brand exposure.
  • Paid Podcast Exposure — We can access podcasts with 10-100X the size by paying a guest fee. With an optimized system we can massively & profitably increase your growth.
  • 'Be EVERYWHERE' Podcast Partner Sponsorship Network — Most of our clients at month 4 expand their exposure by sponsoring shows in their industry. With a goal to not just get featured on 2 high quality podcasts a week... but to be featured, multiple times per week on hundreds of shows.


  • Priority Access to our 50,000+ 'Podcast Network' to get featured on 2+ shows a week 
  • ​​30-Minute Kick-Off Call With Angel
  • ​Access To Media Firestorm B2B Process (covering all 3 phases of our program) 
  • ​​DWY Process To Get You Featured & Get The Most Out Of Our Podcast Network
  • ​Up to 3 x Coaching Calls Per Week Including: Traffic, Sales, Podcast Interviews, PR & Offers
  • ​Client Only VIP Access to our Podcast Directory (deeper access, more data, more exposure) 
  • ​Verified Partner Status in our Podcast Directory, groups & community (we'll feature you) 
  • Inbound Podcast Opportunities (we'll recommend you as our client to people asking for guests)
  • ​​DIY Acquisition Infrastructure Build Out — For All Your Acquisition Systems
    👉 ​Access to our Lead Gen Funnel Templates
    👉 ​Access to our Nurture & Conversion Email Playbooks
    👉 ​Access To Our Podcast Sponsorship Network

The Outcome:

  • ​​Amplify Your Authority & Turn Up Traffic For Your Business Through Podcast Exposure
  • ​​​Get Booked On 2+ Podcasts Per Week
  • ​​Turn That Podcast Exposure Into More Customers Through Optimized Acquisition Systems

Who Are Our Founders?
Jamie Atkinson & Angel Tuccy

Jamie here. 

First, let’s start with who we're not.

We're NOT some marketing "guru's". We're NOT some coaches selling to coaches. (We've only ever taught what we're using in our own businesses and ONLY what has worked for us). 

Together, me and Angel decided to join forces to disrupt and turn the podcasting industry on it's head. 

Angel has been able to grow 'Need a Guest' into the #1 fastest growing Facebook group for 'guest matching'. 

And in the space of 9 months (when we first began connecting with one another)...

We've grown Need a guest from 10,000 members to over 27,000 members (at the time of writing this). And we've acquired 'The Podcast Network'... another hugely successful Facebook group which now has 29,000 members.

👇👇👇 Check this out... 👇👇👇

7th Sep 2022 — 10k members

27th June 2023 — 26k members

Acquired The Podcast Network May 2023 — 29k members

Between our groups, our email list and our network, we have over 50,000+ podcasts and guests inside of our Podcast Network... and our goal is to grow that to over 1,000,000 over the next 5 years. 

Angel Tuccy

Co-Founder, Head Of Delivery & Integrator

Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, PR Media Specialist, and 15-time Best Selling Author. 

Angel has over 15+ years of expertise in PR, guest booking & Media Specialisation having completed over 2,500 broadcasts & interviewing over 5,000 guests.

Angel brings her experience as an award winning speaker having been recognised as "Most Influential Women of The Year" & "Best Morning Talk Show" as well as her expertise in booking guests on some of the most sought after shows.

With her help, her clients have been featured in thousands of major media publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and stages. 

She and her husband live in Orlando, FL, within an hour of all 3 of their kids.

Angel's core focus in the business is bringing our vision to life as integrator & head of product delivery. 

Jamie Atkinson

Co-Founder, Head Of Acquisition & Visionary

Jamie Atkinson is a Serial Entrepreneur, Top 10 Podcaster, Award-Winning Sales Specialist & Podcast Monetization Expert.

Jamie has over 30,000 hours of 1-on-1 sales experience running high-level sales teams. With over 15+ years of expertise in Sales & Marketing.

Jamie was able to turn his previous business, Podcastclosing.com into a 7-figure business... 

and his and Angel's vision is set to take Media Firestorm to become an 8-figure enterprise. 

Jamie brings his experience of mastering sales & marketing within the podcasting space. 

Jamie & his team have over 500 top 100 podcast launches under their belts & with over $8MM in trackable sales from podcasts, have created some of the most profitable micro-influencer podcasts in the entire podcast industry.

He, his partner Natasha and their dog Celsi live in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, within 5 minutes walk to the ocean.

Jamie's core focus in the business is innovating the Media Firestorm sales & marketing process & constantly innovating & creating as the visionary of the company.

Some Of The Clients We’ve Worked With:

Dave Closed $30k in deals in the first month using nothing but his podcast . 

Dave Dubeau

Helps Real Estate Investors
Raise Private Money

"If I were to get really tactical he's helped me generate over $40,000 from his coaching."

Nathan Freitas

Founder of Brand In A Box

Top 30 Entrepreneur Podcast Host
​Hosted Elena Cardone In Her Launch
​Closed $163k Within 60 Days Of Launch

Reem Kharbat

Business Coach

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Long Is The Program?

The Media Firestorm program is 90 days.

  • How Many People Are Inside The Program?

For this first round of the program, we're taking on only 10 clients.

  • Will You Help Me Find The Best Podcasts?

Absolutely! We will help you source the very best podcasts, guide you on how to get the best out of our existing communities & teach you HOW to find these podcasts for yourself.

  • Will You Help Me Get Clients?

Yes! This is the core focus of this program. 1) Get you booked on podcasts to increase your exposure and turn up traffic. 2) Build a proven, repeatable system to turn that traffic into leads and customers.

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